Month: April 2009

  • 4/13/2009: Easter BBQ!

    This morning we were all exhausted, so we eased in to a nice breakfast, in preparation for our Easter festivities. The adults hid Easter eggs and little treats and the kids went on a hunt, which culminated with their receiving Easter baskets…er, paper plates. 😀 What better way to spend a BBQ but with beer, […]

  • 4/12/2009: Kimberely (Easter Sunday!)

    We all attended Easter Sunday mass at St. Mary’s church in Kimberely. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a Catholic Church – half of the Anglican Churches are listed as “Roman Catholic” in the phonebook, and I only found out that they were Anglican after visiting their web sites and noticing the […]

  • 4/11/2009: The LONG Road Home

    This morning we left Cape Town, preparing for a long trip to Kimberley (yes, the home of the diamonds). The drive reminds me of driving to El Paso down I-10. Long, unforgiving, and NOTHING in between. The Little Karoo, the Great Karoo, and the Upper Karoo were enjoyed by all. At the Horseshoe Hotel in […]

  • 4/10/2009: Cape of Good Hope, Coastal Highway, Pen-goo-eens

    Today we went for a drive all around the entire Cape Penninsula (just about). We first went to a bird sanctuary in Cape Town, which was nice but not really notable. We then took off down the Cape, first stopping at an old dry waterfall which scared most of us to death (the walk there […]

  • 4/9/2009: Tafelberg and Waterfront, Cape Town

    This morning we drove over to the Tafelberg (Table Mountain), probably one of the most famous mountains on the planet. We rode the trolley up to the top… …where the view was incredible. The requisite take-a-a-pic-of-ourselves picture! Unbelievable. The Waterfront was nice, but was a typical tourist attraction. The men (Adam, Ekki, and Christoph) watched […]

  • 4/8/2009: The Road to Cape Town / Cape Algulhas

    We left Wilderness after going for another dip in the Indian Ocean and drove over to Cape Algulhas, the southernmost point of the African continent, and the place where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. We arrived in the early evening, just before sunset. Sarah parted the oceans! This is why Afrikaners don’t expatriate to […]

  • 4/7/2009: Wilderness

    We rented some rooms from a Bed & Breakfast in Wilderness, which is on the Garden Route. We drove down the N2 from P.E. and arrived in Wilderness in the early afternoon. This place is absolutely stunning – imagine any movie you’ve ever seen with picturesque beaches and beautiful ocean surrounded by moutains, and you […]

  • 4/6/2009: Drive to Port Elizabeth

    Today we loaded up the vehicles and drove the 13 hours down to Port Elizabeth. On the way, we got to say “this is Africa” quite a few times. There is lots of road work going on at the moment, and some of it involves the road going down to one lane, so they close […]

  • 4/5/2009: Lion Park and Carnivore!

    Today we went to mass at our church (St. John Fischer), then we drove over to the Lion Park so that everyone that missed the lions at Kruger could see some: After seeing all the nice, beautiful wildlife, we went to Carnivore to eat it! What a selection! Gee, you think the guys with the […]

  • 4/4/2009: Croc City and Company

    As is customary with visitors, we headed to Croc City this morning to see the crocodile feeding take place. First everyone got to hold a baby croc (if they wanted to): Then we saw the crocs get fed: Then we ate croc! Ha HA! Take that! I went to the bus station in Pretoria to […]

  • 4/3/2009: Leaving Kruger, Rainforest, God’s Window, Home

    Today the Stehfests and Behnkes went on a guided game drive that started at 5:30 a.m. Yikes. However, it was all worth it when, not five minutes’ drive from the camp, we spotted lions laying in the middle of the road. Lions are the holy grail of the Big 5 – you can drive around […]

  • 4/2/2009: Kruger Berg-en-Dal

    Today’s game drive was much shorter – we slowly made our way from Pretoriuskop to Berg-en-Dal, by far the nicest campground we saw at Kruger. On the way we saw the typical game – guinea fowls: Giraffe, etc. Pretty sad when you have the attitude of, “oh, it’s just more giraffes, or elephants, or whatever. […]

  • 4/1/2009: Kruger Pretoriuskop

    We left Skukuza and set out for a LONG drive (around eight hours or so) today. We drove almost all the way over to the Mozambique border that runs through the middle of Kruger. Here is the hut in which we stayed: On the game drive we saw many baboons: Hippos: More elephants, giraffes, zebras, […]

  • 3/31/2009: Kruger Skukuza

    In the morning, we had a nice breakfast provided by Panorama Guest House, then set off to take a walk and clear our heads. April used the African Baby Sling to carry Sarah: It is seemingly impossible for Germans to keep their clothes on: We loaded up and headed to The Kruger. On the way […]

  • 3/30/2009: Nelspruit

    We started out our journey by walking to the Irene Dairy Farm for breakfast. It is always pretty decent there, provided the coffee machine is working (running joke – coffee machines are broken across the whole country of South Africa for some reason). We made it to Panorama Guest Farm, a halfway point between Irene […]

  • 3/29/2009: Stehfests and Sonntags Arrive

    Yesssss, I am back! I know it’s been…wellllll…a month since I posted, but things have been hectic! Hopefully I’ll catch back up with little snippets of what we did on vacation over the last few weeks! The Stehfests and Sonntags arrived safely today and we headed back to the house for a cookout! They weren’t […]