Month: May 2009

  • 5/23/2009: Rugby!

    Gordon (Fraaancis’ husband) won some tickets to the Bulls vs Crusaders rugby match today. Turns out he won them by jumping into the fountain up at Vodaworld! Sweet! I was doubly honoured that he invited me after finding that out! After parking up as close to the field as we could, we began walking. Visions […]

  • 5/22/2009: Mike’s Pilot Test and Evening Out

    This morning I drove Mike and myself over to the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) building in Midrand so that he could transfer his American PPL (pilot’s license) to South Africa (not actually transfer – more like get it recognized so he can fly here). After about an hour and a half, all was well, so […]

  • 5/19/2009: Mary’s Dance

    Mary has been attending dance here at the Irene Village Hall (building was built in the 20’s by the residents of Irene – pretty neat). She enjoys it very much: Awww puddin’!

  • 5/18/2009: Last Day of Freedom

    Mike is arriving from Texas tomorrow night, so this was pretty much the last night this week that I had to spend with the family. We started with a bottle of Tall Horse Pinotage 2007, which both April and I liked fine. Sarah had fallen and forked her tongue earlier in the day, so she […]

  • 5/13/2009: Mission Work Redeux

    I had to go into Vodacom today, so Fraaancis (my ministry supervisor here) picked up April and the kids to go see what the result was of all the donations received by us from our email and Facebook appeal. Here is the new coal-fired stove/heater in the creche (that’s Francis with it). This allows them […]

  • 5/17/2009: Still Sickie

    Everyone was still sick yesterday, including Fraaaancis and Gordon, so our plans to go to the Jesus Film were shot. We stayed at home and watched movies and wallowed in our sickness (nasty by the way – lets just say the mop has gotten a workout). Today we went to Mass, where I reflected again […]

  • 5/15/2009: Sickie Sickie

    Not too much blogging this week – Vincent brought home a stomach bug from somewhere and was pretty sick on Wednesday. It follows that I was feeling queasy the next day, then Sarah got sick on Friday, then Mary and April on Sunday. John is the only one who hasn’t really felt sick. In any […]

  • 5/12/2009: Mexican Night

    Tonight April made some Mexcian food. Her tortilla making skills have definitely been honed – even the tortillas stuck in the fridge come out soft! We had refried beans and ground ostrich (which costs just about the same as ground beef but a whole lot less fat). For a wine, I brought out the Fish […]

  • 5/10/2009: Mother’s Day

    Today started beautifully with cinnamon rolls for the kids! April and I didn’t partake, as we’re good Catholics who don’t eat after midnight before Mass. Yes, the gauntlet has been thrown. 😀 Mass was nice, with the priest making a point of encouraging people to step up as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist and lectors […]

  • 5/9/2009: Mission Time!

    April sent out an email/Facebook plea for donations a couple weeks ago, and boy howdy did people respond! We received almost $1200 for clothing and supplies for a creche that serves a squatter camp called Phumzile Park. This particular squatter camp is situated on a dump – that’s right, a trash dump, and the shacks […]

  • 5/8/2009: Shopping and Friday Night

    Fridays are typically the day we go grocery shopping – we’ve been doing very well with sticking to our meal plans, so our fridge is emp-ty on Friday morning. I worked in the morning, then loaded everyone up and drove to the Centurion Mall Pick-‘n-Pay. Seems that the children had worn themselves out staying up […]

  • 5/7/2009: Armadillo and Baby Marrow

    This evening April made the bacon-wrapped pork loin, here referred to as an “Armadillo” (see previous posts for the full view of this culinary delight). As a side, she made “baby marrow” (baby zucchini) with garlic butter. Yummy! I selected the Meerkat Pinotage 2007, and it was delish. We ranked this up there with Beyerskloof […]

  • 5/6/2009: Cute Kids

    I have been working pretty consistently up at Vodacom for the last few weeks, but I’ve committed myself to using the phone cam to snap cute pics of my kids for all to see. Here are some examples from today: Sarah asleep in the (broken) baby cot: It was cold and rainy this week. It’s […]

  • 5/5/2009: Wine-ing and Soccer

    Tonight was Mexican food night, but I am seemingly slacking and not taking pictures lately, so instead I will write about our soccer trip last Saturday (May 2nd) and the wines we sampled the night before (Friday, May 1st). Koelenbosch Pinotage 2006 was brought to us by Annie and Erin from Cape Town on their […]

  • 5/4/2009: Lego, Pizza, and Wine!

    Today was a fun-filled day! April and I did some exercise this morning, which took up most of the morning, then I did quite a bit of work. I took a break in the afternoon to help John put together his Indiana Jones Plane Lego set which he earned by reading 25 books! Grandma was […]

  • 5/1/2009: Braai Night!

    We had a fantastic evening planned for today – Annie and Erin rode the bus into Pretoria so that we could watch a soccer game on Saturday, so they stayed with us for the weekend. We decided to make Mexican food, but actually Tex-Mex. I made chicken and beef fajitas, and even cooked portabella fajitas […]

  • 4/30/2009: Pizza Night!

    This evening we went to Doppio Zero – this has developed into one of our favourite restaurants here. April really, really likes the “Pollo” pizza – chicken, sweet chili sauce, and coriander (cilantro). She gets extra coriander (of course). Our waiter was nice enough to provide chairs so the kids could watch their pizzas being […]

  • 4/29/2009: Sarah Eats With a Fork (and wine)

    Sarah has decided that she wants to now eat with a fork, like her brothers and sister do. She’s gotten so good at it she can actually feed others! Dinner was chicken, so I selected a Gruenburger Stein 2007 Off Dry White Wine to accompany. Not too sweet, not too dry. Very nice. We drank […]

  • 4/28/2009: Pino-what?

    Did you know you can be dieting and still drink red wine (but not beer)? Neither did I! Being that we’re in South Africa, we decided to take advantage of the ridiculously low wine prices as well as educate ourselves on wine (read: try a bunch of different styles and brands and see which ones […]

  • 4/25/2009: Struggling to Catch Up!

    OK, I admit it – I’ve been working solid for the last two weeks and the blog has suffered as a result. Basically I’m trying to finish up all the work I’m to do here in South Africa, get it certified, etc., etc., so that we can move back to Texas in less than FOUR […]