Month: June 2009

  • 6/28/2009: Knights of De Gama Chicken Braai

    Being a Knight of Columbus, I have been involved here with our brother organization, the Knights of De Gama (a Portuguese explorer who went around the horn of Africa). Their annual fundraiser is a chicken braai, wherein we serve around 1200 plates of half chickens, potato salad, and green salad. I was on braaing duty […]

  • 6/27/2009: Texas Chili Day!

    I had invited several colleagues from Vodacom over for some real Texas Chili, and today was the day! I needed to start cooking around 11:30, so I forewent the pancakes and served the kids doughnuts instead. At the grocery store on Friday John approached me and said, “daddy, can we get doughnuts? I know that […]

  • 6/26/2009: Family Fun Night

    It’s Friday, and we were going to be doing a lot of prep work for Saturday, when several colleagues of mine from Vodacom were coming over for some real Texas chili, so I decided to get pizza ingredients at the grocery store and let the kids make their own. I had prepared for the next […]

  • 6/25/2009: Daddy Day Care Redeux

    April was heading to Rayton and Mamelodi today to again help Francis with the bead classes/workshop/etc., so I was going to have the kids by myself all day long (again). We needed to leave the house at around 7:15 a.m., so I rousted the kids from bed and stuck them in the car. It was […]

  • 6/24/2009: Work

    I was heading up to Vodacom today to have some meetings and whatnot, so I started the morning off right by making – you guessed it – an omelette! Meetings were OK, so I stayed at Vodacom for lunch. Here is what the canteen was offering on this particular day. It was: Ox Tripe served […]

  • 6/23/2009: Daddy Day Care

    Today April was heading to Mamelodi with Francis to help with the bead work classes, so I made myself an omelette (like always). Cheesy! I was watching the kids all day, so I took Mary to her dance class as well, and then got books at the Irene Library. It was a fun day!

  • 6/22/2009: A Reason Why We Have Kids

  • 6/21/2009: Father’s Day

    Somehow I ended up with no pictures of our little vacation weekend to Rustenburg on my phone – I will have to post some pics off the main camera when I get a chance. In the meantime, it seems I only have food pics. This is the breakfast we were served at the B&B Cozy […]

  • 6/19/2009: Sarah’s New Trick

    I made one of my famous omelettes this morning with cheese, meat, and pico de gallo. I love making omelettes. Sarah has a couple new tricks – in the first, she will reach over and grab your nose. The second, where she “gets” someone, consists of her putting up her fists and fake punching someone. […]

  • 6/18/2009: Cute and Hurt Children

    It seems that John wasn’t content to have Sarah as the only injured child, so he put a blanket over his head and walked around my office, until he slipped and busted his skull on the corner of my desk. He was quite upset when he realized half his head and face was covered with […]

  • 6/17/2009: Mexican Leftovers

    We had leftovers from Mexican night, so I made a quesadilla for April and myself for lunch today. Tortilla, cheese, beans, ostrich meat, and rice make for a very tasty combination! THAT is what I like to call low-cal! With dinner tonight we selected a bottle of Spier Pinotage 2007. It’s pretty nice, but Beyerskloof […]

  • 6/16/2009: Soweto Day!

    Today was a national holiday in South Africa – Soweto Day – when the students had an uprising against the government after being forced to learn in Afrikaans rather than English or their native tongues. We just hung out – I stayed in bed for a long time. The kids decided to go open a […]

  • 6/15/2009: Mail and Poor Sarah

    Here is what happens when you folks mail us stuff – this envelope is not too worse for the wear, although it took quite a while to arrive. Seems the Post doesn’t bother to notify us of our packages for a week or so – I had to pick up three when I went today. […]

  • 6/14/2009: Sunday Treats

    We have sort of made a habit of heading over to Menlyn Park Mall after Mass on Sundays to eat and walk around a bit, and maybe catch a movie. This Sunday was no exception – I took the family to Primi Piatti, a decent Italian restaurant to get some pasta. I forgot that pasta […]

  • 6/13/2009: To Market, To Market

    After our traditional breakfast of pancakes, we went over to the Irene Market today. April has been getting some supplies to bring back to the States, we’ve been buying some foodstuffs, and the kids get to ride the camels. They never tire of this it seems. Sarah is a climbing fanatic. She climbed all the […]

  • 6/12/2009: Funeral Time

    Lydia’s 32 year old daugher Sheila passed away about 10 days ago, and today was her funeral. Another daughter, Chili, came by with her male friend to pick up wood for a bonfire and to give Philemon a ride to Winterveld where Lydia’s family stays. The baakie they used had only two seats up front, […]

  • 6/11/2009: Shoes for Mommy and Daddy

    The Sketcher shoes that I bought shortly after arriving here in South Africa have completely disintegrated. The rubber nuggets on the soles are all gone, so I have been looking for shoes. The problem is that the shoes here are incredibly expensive, even more so than in the U.S. The Sketchers I purchased were over […]

  • 6/10/2009: Chili Baby!

    I have invited some guys over for some real Texas chili, so I thought I might want to do a test run since I don’t have all the necessary ingredients (for example, chili powder). Since I was making if for the wife and kids, I used the beans April cooked the night before for Mexican […]

  • 6/9/2009: Tuesday

    I went up to Vodacom today to work on getting all of our software certified and look into some other projects. It took quite a while, so I went to a coffee shop to work until traffic died down (a normal 15 minute drive takes over an hour if one leaves between 4 and 6 […]

  • 6/8/2009: Typical Monday

    I am pretty much done with the projects I came here to do, so I’ve been spending a lot of time at the house lately. We just hang out, Facebook, blog, watch movies, play with the kids, and try not to freeze. However, the kids are a’growin’! Here is Sarah after she climbed up onto […]