2/10/2009: Exercise

My exercise regimen since being here has consisted of a daily swim and walking around malls. I feel better, although I’m not sure I’ve lost any weight; as I’ve said before, the cheese here is inexpensive and excellent! I could live on cheese, crackers, and wine/beer, with some occasional salami or smoked beef thrown in (or sausage of course). Lucky for me (I guess) the beer doesn’t taste all that great around here – the microbrew I found packages it’s beer in PET bottles – that’s right, brown plastic bottles. Ewww. That’s what one gets when one lives in a country that is dominated by SAB Miller. Everything is made by them, and, while it’s good for session drinking, it’s not so good for having one with a meal.

But I digress – April prefers other methods of exercise, so she has again taken up belly-dancing classes. The restaurant we visited last Friday gives classes on weekdays, so April attended one yesterday. That is not the only milestone – the other is that she drove herself there by herself, on the wrong side of the road! Her legs are sore this morning, so I guess the class done some good!

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  1. I know huh?! I even went by the brewery to see if they packaged them in glass bottles there, and the answer was “no”. They do have kegs for cheap however, so I’m thinking of going that direction when zee Germans come in six weeks…

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