2/10/2009: Exercise

By best online slots real money uk | February 11, 2009


My exercise regimen since being here has consisted of a daily swim and walking around malls. I feel better, although I’m not sure I’ve lost any weight; as I’ve said before, the cheese here is inexpensive and excellent! I could live on cheese, crackers, and wine/beer, with some occasional salami or smoked beef thrown in (or sausage of course). Lucky for me (I guess) the beer doesn’t taste all that great around here – the microbrew I found packages it’s beer in PET bottles – that’s right, brown plastic bottles. Ewww. That’s what one gets when one lives in a country that is dominated by SAB Miller. Everything is made by them, and, while it’s good for session drinking, it’s not so good for having one with a meal.

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But I digress – April prefers other methods of exercise, so she has again taken up belly-dancing classes. The restaurant we visited last Friday gives classes on weekdays, so April attended one yesterday. That is not the only milestone – the other is that she drove herself there by herself, on the wrong side of the road! Her legs are sore this morning, so I guess the class done some good!



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