2/21/2009: Saturday Routine

Today I woke up and, yes, made pancakes. However, this time I found a new flapjack recipe that makes more traditional, fluffy pancakes like my mother makes. John ate four – more than anyone else. Guess they tasted O.K.!

After pancakes, I let the kids watch some Saturday morning cartoons. They arranged their seating, although I added Sarah on the end.

We then went to Menlyn Park Mall (I again forgot to take a picture of it) to get the food products we forgot to get on Friday. While there, I took the kids to see Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler – quite a cute movie with a minimum of potty humour; not too shabby! What’s even less shabby is that tickets cost R33 ($3.30) per person, kid’s combos with popcorn, candy, and a drink cost R20 ($2), and all together I spent R120 on snacks.

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  1. Yes Vinnie will be broken of said pacie by the time we come back – he gave up his favourite pair of shoes to give to a poor child from Zimbabwe, so we intend to use the same method with giving up the pacifier as well.

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