2/3/2009: The Return of Philemon and Mexican Food!

By online roulette big win basketball apk android | February 4, 2009

Philemon showed up this afternoon. He had been at a social worker’s office on Monday and today to sort out some issues with the separation and impending divorce from his wife. They have a small child, so he was pretty broken up it seemed. I told him we were just worried that something had happened to him since it can be dangerous out here in SA; I think he appreciated not being in trouble. There are still some language barriers, but it’s my fault, as I’m the immigrant here. Heck, the dude knows English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, and probably some other languages too (there are one or two more related to Zulu from what I’ve heard).

For dinner April decided that it was time to try her hand at making Mexican food. She used these ingredients:


King Korn is “Celebrating Being African”. It’s a VERY dense corn meal of some sort. It makes “Jim-style” tortillas, she found out. Or, in the words of Karen H., “pooperator” tortillas. Here is the resultant meal:


What you see there is Spanish rice (rice with tomato paste, we will work on some spices for that), a bowel-cleansing tortilla (not bad for her first tortilla-making effort EVER, however), and refried beans. The beans were good. A little TOO good, and we paid for it last night (and this morning). What y’all don’t see here is the guacamole I made nor the tomato/pepper/onion relish/sorta-Pico-de-gallo-stuff. All in all a nice meal!


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