3/1/2009: Off Roading Sunday

On our way to mass this morning, Gareth called me and asked if we were interested in going off roading. “Uh, heck yes” I think is a good approximation of both mine and April’s answers.

So, after mass with the new priest at Maria Regina (who, by the way, thinks the new English translations for liturgy are “horrible”), we went back to the house to get changed and load up with lunch/supper materials.

Our destination was Hennop’s Offroad Trail:

Entrance to park:

Impala wonder why we are torturing ourselves on rocky roads:

Several water pits:

The Ford Ranger naviagting the drainage wash-out:

And the two-week-old Mitsubishi does the same:

Guys seeing how high they can get my front tire:

Me launching out of the pit:

Requisite “cute kid” pic:

Mud pit:

Gareth navigating the mud pit:

Gareth in his Ford:

Show-offs in the Landie Defender 110 Baackie going BACKWARDS through the mud pit (yes there was beer involved):

Me teetering on the brink:

Coming on out. So easy in a Landie it’s ridiculous:

Braaing up some meat (Mary is fearless, although she didn’t feel too well after falling face first 2 meters out of a tree):

Various children checking out the Zonkie:

Sarah chasing a butterfly:

Speaks for itself!

Fjording the stream (water over the tires):

Sweet tires-off-the-ground pic:

45 degree incline on slippery rock. Energizing!

April and I after the fun-filled outing, some of the crew in the backgroun:


5 responses to “3/1/2009: Off Roading Sunday”

  1. Wow–what a trip-tych! Thanks for sharing the adventure. Thanks for waiting til I LEFT to take that adventure! Looks like you had a blast. Tell the truth–weren’t you just a TEENY BIT nervous at a couple points?

  2. Okay, something crazy is going on here. This is Mom, writing from home from my FB location, and the brilliant comments above were mine, all mine.–Mom

  3. A “zonkie” is a cross between a donkey and a zebra! I thought you’d be able to see the striped legs in the picture…

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