3/7/2009: Saturday Shopping – ugh!

By turning stone casino hotel | March 9, 2009

I started out today with my hybrid pancakes – a little oil and pancake batter = YUM:

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We drove to Menlyn Park mall to walk around mainly and see if we felt like seeing a movie (the kids stayed up until 22h30 the night before so they were in rare form, so we didn’t).

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While at the mall we went to Checkers Hyper to get sheets (we had already found sleeping bags) for our incoming guests (Mike, Lori, Mark, and David will be here next Sunday, and they were going to be sleeping on air mattresses with nothing else). Think Super Wal-Marts are massive? Check out Checkers Hyper – think Super Wal-Mart with a furniture/appliance store tacked on:

I just had to take this pic:

And this one:

I was reminded AGAIN why we don’t shop on Saturdays! Aaaaaggggghhhh!

Lest anyone think that everything here in South Africa is the same for us as it is in the States, please take a look at the yellow water – no, the kids didn’t pee in it, this is how it always is:

A side note – German beer in South Africa! Yessss!

Pic I promised of a mall, this one is Menlyn Park. Three or four stories with an IMAX, a regular theatre, and a drive-in theatre.

We got Sarah a cow chair because she loves these things:

April’s attempt at making corn tortillas and then frying them up to make tortilla chips didn’t turn out so well – these would make wonderful ‘tortilla tossing’ candidates:

Ouch is all one can say:

Turns out the “corn flour” here is more like “corn starch”. Oops. However, we baked her flour tortillas in the oven and they just might do, so we’ll try those as chips next…

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