6/1/2009: June!

Man, we can’t believe that we’ve been here for 21 weeks already! Tomorrow will be 11 weeks more in South Africa! Crazy how time flies.

This morning I made a tomato and cheese omelette for April and I. It was yummy, especially with the tomato and onion chutney on top. We got that at the Irene Market on Saturday.

With dinner we had a bottle of Happy Dragon Pinotage/Shiraz 2006 which was too woody for April but OK for me. The most interesting thing about this bottle of wine was the story printed on the front – it contained the “F” word, although there were asterisks through the middle two letters. I guess this wasn’t enough for South African censors, because a black bar was drawn through the word, even with the asterisks in it. You can see that black bar in the pic below. My main question is, why would a wine maker put a story with the “F” word in it on a bottle of wine? Ignant.

I also broke out the Buffalo Bush Fire Chili Sauce since we were having Mexican food. It’s a very nice, flavourful chili sauce but not all that hot. They have Tabasco here, but why would I buy Tabasco when I can get locally made chili sauces?

The Fam + Philemon eating on some Mexican food!

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  1. What I think is even funnier is that it really isn’t a black rectangle drawn over it, it is a gap in the label. The label is more of a baked on thing instead of paper and they took out the rectangle so it is straight glass in that spot.

    I have been told by Lydia and Philemon that they want us to buy a house here and they will come to work for us where ever that house is! They don’t want us to go back home! Gotta love the love!

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