6/12/2009: Funeral Time

Lydia’s 32 year old daugher Sheila passed away about 10 days ago, and today was her funeral. Another daughter, Chili, came by with her male friend to pick up wood for a bonfire and to give Philemon a ride to Winterveld where Lydia’s family stays.

The baakie they used had only two seats up front, so Philemon had to make a nest from a cardboard box and a blanket for the hour-long trip on top of the wood pile in the back. Not sure if you can see him back here, getting closed in:

And they’re off!

Vincent has taken up the new habit of putting anything and everything on his PB&Nutella sandwiches – including mustard…

…mayo, and ketchup. Nasty.

I took the family out to Doppio Zero since we had eaten at home for the past couple of weeks. They’ve revised their menu and have added hummus bruchetta with Peppadew (TM) peppers on top. They were very good (as was the Beyerskloof Pinotage 2007).

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