7/1/2009: Shopping

We went to Centurion mall today to get a few things – I knew I would be heading up to Vodacom on Thursday and Friday, so we needed to get our weekly shopping done a little early. The first order of business was to let April go do a couple errands around the mall while I watched the kids. Thank the Lord above, they had extra-special playground toys available! Tons of blow-up play areas!

Sarah is a bit wary of the lack of sure footing on the blow-up units, so she preferred to stick with the traditional playground equipment:

The other three, of course, went hog-wild, jumping and bouncing to their heart’s content:

I knew I wouldn’t keep them off of this (chaperoned, thank goodness) wall climbing unit. Vin went all the way to the top (one of the adults wraps the rope around his waist and walks backwards in order to pull the child up via a pulley system). John, made it to just about where you see him in this photo, shouting, “I’m scared of heights”. They let him down.

Vin almost to the top!

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