7/27/2009: Thirteen Years of Wedded Bliss

By http://behnkefamilie.com/best-odds-at-a-slot-machine/ | July 29, 2009

Today is April and my thirteenth wedding anniversary! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been thirteen years already (actually 16.5 in all). Crazy. For this occasion, we went to artesian casino to eat at http://behnkefamilie.com/isle-casino-waterloo/ Latin restaurant. We went to the casino because they have a “Bambino” area that will watch kids for three hours for around R340 – cheaper than a babysitter believe it or not!

Here is my beautiful wife! Doesn’t she look nice?

Here is Graham Beck’s Railroad Red 2007. It was very woody but good (it was a blend).

And here is April’s dish – fillet of beef on a skewer! Isn’t that cool?

Afterwards April and I went and played some blackjack. We walked away dead even thanks to April’s excellent keeping-track-ability. Was fun, free entertainment, as the dealer was coaching us and was very personable, as were the four South Africans sitting at the table. All in all a very nice night!

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