7/5/2009: Centurion Redeux

We had put off grocery shopping since I had been at Vodacom at the end part of the week, and we didn’t want to go shopping at the Checkers Hyper at Menly Park Mall on a Saturday (for the reason why, see a previous post – it is absolutely nuts, maddening, and crazy). Therefore, we waited until Sunday after Mass to head back to Centurion. The kids, as always, wanted to play, so we took them down to the playground which still has up the blow-up bouncers!

April realized I hadn’t taken a picture of Mary climbing the wall, so here you go – Mary went all the way to the top, got her picture taken, and got a beach ball prize because she did it two times in a row!

Afterward the kids were tuckered out, so we went to the house for naptime. Sarah for some reason decided to grab April’s ear as she passed into sleep.

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