1/11/2009: Lyttleton Church

We got up super early to make it to mass by 7:30 a.m. at Maria Regina in Lyttleton (a suburb of Pretoria). It was a nice small church with very nice people.

Afterward we went to what we thought was the Irene Village Market, but it was on Saturdays, not Sundays (and, it turns out, not held in the month of January). Instead we went to the rooftop open market at the Rosebank Mall to shop. It was very nice to see cool artwork. We found many things April would like to bring home. 😉 Additionally, the daughter of the lessor of our home came over to answer some questions we had. She was very nice, proper, and charming – seems she was raised very well!

Some of April’s notes:

  • The sweets are not so good here
  • The fruit is great!
  • Sleeping on an air mattress is no fun
  • There is NO WAY we are going to fill this closet!
  • John about being at the airports with check-ins and the security lines: “Not another maze!” (He heard April say we should get cheese after making it through all of these mazes.)

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