1/24/2009: Indian Ocean in Durban

We got up, packed our beach bags, got dressed, and headed out to the beach. We finally found a parking spot after driving down the beach a bit. We walked a few blocks down to a cafe to have breakfast and found the best banana nut muffin most of us had ever tasted. Afterward, one of the waitresses walked us down to a Pick and Pay (grocery store) so that we could get bottled water – what a nice young lady! After getting water and batteries ($16!!!) for the radio we were off to the beach. Sarah loved the sand as soon as we got there, but her and Vincent were scared of the ocean. The rest of us enjoyed the sand, the sun (and as a result got very sunburned), and the Indian Ocean!

John drawing a J+M heart (John plus Mikaela) – awwwww!

Me being extremely cool and April being lovely:

Had to do the ol’ buried in the sand gambit:

My mom touched the Indian Ocean!!!

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  1. I miss you, John, very much and I miss your family, too. Thank you for writing my name in the sand. My family misses you too. You are so lucky to go on the beach. Happy early Valentine’s Day! God Bless You, too!

    From : Mikaela Rosemary Settle

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