1/25/2009: Durban and home

We awoke, packed up our room, got dressed for mass, and went to a nice old church (built in the 1800’s) named St. Anthony’s. April made the joke that it was easy to find! Ha Ha Ha!

We then went to McDonald’s so my mom could experience the wonder of franchise reliability and how they are the same even in foreign countries.

Soon after that we started our journey home to Irene. We stopped at a gas station and found apricot candy foam, which taste similar to circus peanuts! April was thrilled. 🙂 When we arrived home we had nachos, watched a movie (Wall-E), and had some popcorn as well.

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  1. St. Anthony’s looks like a beautiful church. If you get a chance and think about it, will you take some photos of the interior. I love looking at churches all over the world…they’re like homes away from home.

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