2/11/2009: More Pics

Since today was pretty routine, I’m just going to post pics I took of April and the kids eating lunch (“wunch” as Vin says it, and he uses that word for any meal, irrespective of the time). Tonight was chicken breast strips and rice! I’ve been printing out and reading the kids The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe each night; short stories don’t provide the same continuity a whole book does, I’ve found.

4 responses to “2/11/2009: More Pics”

  1. By the way, a photo and a “what we had for ‘wunch’” is plenty. We just look forward to checking the blog every morning. It’s a great gift, this technology that allows us to be in daily contact with y’all. (Now if I can only find a way to get OOVOO working. Oy!)

  2. Hey at least the peanut butter is “Black Cat PB”! April wanted something that had a chance of tasting like the food back in Texas, so it ended up being Pringles!

    Vin is either laughing or screaming, it’s true. He has taken up his big brother’s bad habit of yelling the same thing over and over or screaming as if his toe were cut off when he, for example, loses a race to John and Mary.

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