2/1/2009: Choich and Guests

This morning we tried Maria Regina parish once again, this time at 10 rather than 7:30 to see if there were more families in attendance, and there were. As we left the church we saw a Homemaker’s Market that appeared to be open! I loved all of the fresh produce! We got some things for dinner – mainly ingredients for my shish-ka-bobs. Wardi and Liza Smit (a coworker from Vodacom and his wife, the realtor that found us our house) came over for dinner, which consisted of the forementioned shish-ka-bobs, made with zuccini, tomatoes, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, and calamari, and a “Texan” steak I found. Delicious! We had a great time just talking and eating. This was a “get to know” meeting, so to speak. Next time we will have to play games – they like “30 Seconds”, the South African name for Taboo! Muhahahahaha! (And by the way, they agree that it is OK to use homonyms! So there!)

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