2/14/2009: St. Valentine’s Day (Part 2)

How fitting that we were blessed with the opportunity to share a little bit of Jesus on a Saint’s Day! We went with the missionary outreach group to an area called Tierpoort, to the parking lot of a shopping center at which all the surrounding farmers and workers gather. The congregation of a church from the area was in attendance, as well as lots of the local folks (the whole intention). All in all I’d guess there were over 100 there.

We were not in a township or informal settlement, and the area was fenced, so I brought along the wife and children. Here is the Jesus Film trailer with April and Francis out front:

The church choir. Just…wow. Imagine any gospel music you’ve heard sung by Africans and that’s what they sounded like.

The crew readying the equipment.

The little boy who was lurking trying to get in on the games my children were playing.

Here everyone is breaking out into spontaneous dance (something that has happened every time we’ve played Sechaba through the P.A. before it is dark enough for the movie). My kids joined in on the fun!

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  1. Loved the video…what a keeper! Not only for the cute, cute kids, but also to see the peoples’ response to the music. Hope you’ll ultimately make a video of your experiences!

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