2/15/2009: Chic’n Lick’n and Braai

After mass at Maria Regina (still going there, though not sure how much longer – being unable to sing along with ordinaries because they have put them to music that is hard to follow and changed the word patterns is quite annoying), I was going to run by a house where I hoped to procure a Yamaha classical guitar for R400 ($40). We went by but no one was home, so we stopped by the nearest Chick’n Lick’n to get some lunch. It was actually quite delicious and very inexpensive – R123 ($12.50) for the entire family!

One of our favourite items they had there was “Soult”. HA! Yes, that is mayo smeared all over everything. Probably why it was so delicious!

We went home and swam, got in the hot tub, showered, then I turned on the braai and cooked up the sausages I bought at the Irene Market on Saturday. The guy from whom I purchased the meat was Russian I believe, and only sold his fare at markets, no store front. Interesting. I also bought a hunk of smoked pork and some dried links.

Bockwurst top left, pork/beef sausage bottom left, and cheese links on the right. The cheese links were excellent!

The guitar turned out to be a Yamaha G-225, an inexpensive guitar from the 70’s. However, after researching it on the internet, basically every review recommends that one purchases these if they can be found for less than $100 or even $150. This was $40. Score! The sound is quite incredible I must say.

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