2/19/2009: Sarah

Sarah’s sweet personality continues to develop as we are here in South Africa. She has pretty much stopped screaming all the time (other than when she wakes up and wants out of her crib), and is turning out to be assertive, picky, sweet, and hilarious.

She is 14 months old, so April decided on Sunday that she would wean her off the breast. Sarah has only been nursing at naptime and bedtime anyway, so this isn’t a huge stretch (although somewhat painful for April).

She also wants to be involved in everything the other kids are doing; sometimes this takes place at odd moments. Lately she has taken to getting out her swimsuit and putting it around her neck, while no one else is swimming, I suppose to signify that she would like to.

5 responses to “2/19/2009: Sarah”

  1. What a doll! Hey, since she’s got some Behnke genes, maybe the swimsuit around the neck thing it isn’t about swimming at all. Maybe she thinks a bib…and wants to EAT!

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