2/20/2009: TGIF

Today was action-packed! After school and swimming (and quite a bit of work on my part), I took the kids for a walk. You’ll notice that they each have a bamboo walking stick. We were attempting to find the Irene library, again to no avail. Sarah was ready to go on a walk as well – with her mismatched shoes and all.

After our walk we went grocery shopping. Friday has turned out to the be the day we go get food since we have been most excellent in our consumption habits – by Friday our fridge is almost completely empty.

Pollo borracho a.k.a betrunkenes Huhn a.k.a. drunken chicken has made it to South Africa! I’m telling you, I love any culture that loves to cook out (braai). Notice the two hot chicks here?

We keep our kids locked in the house. I’m only half-joking. With a pool out front, they are not allowed to go out there without supervision. In addition, the house has no portal that is not covered by some sort of steel grating. Think east Lubbock – all windows actually incorporate said gratings into their design:

Friday is also our day for a weekly out-to-eat treat. We eat at and stay at home all week long, so we try to do something special. Today I took the family to Dro’s, a nice steak house. April and I both had steaks, the kids all had copious amounts of food, and everyone had dessert for less than $60.

A side note – most intersections here have guys out peddling various wares. Usually they consist of car registration stickers, cell phone chargers (yes, really), hangers, (again, really), pumice foot scrubbers (…), illegally copied and burned movies (for example Madagascar 2 which is still in theaters – they had the DVD), baseball caps, and flowers. I like supporting guys that are working rather than robbing, but I usually don’t need anything. However today I thought we would make a milestone and actually get something, and a fella was selling long-stemmed roses for R20 ($2), so I got some. This is how frugal we are here – that vase is a Lay’s Stackers chip container. Don’t worry girls – you can pick one up there in the States at your local grocery store (or even convenience store)!

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