2/22/2009: Sunday Sunday Sunday

After mass at Maria Regina, we just went back to the house to have lunch, swim, and do quiet time with the kids – overall a relaxing day. I decided to cook the “Pork Fillet Armadillo” (a pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon strips) for supper:

Remember – there was an entire section of the beauties at the grocery store – they seem to be quite popular! Here it is in the convection oven:

And the finished result – yum!

Here is the third reference to all things “Texan” I have found (besides the pork fillet armadillo and the Texan steaks) – ranch dressing, Texas style! Every meal is a story! Yea-haw! (yes it actually says all those things on the bottle).

Requisite cute picture of Sarah, who loves her daddy:

After supper we started on the “Out of Africa” puzzle (a picture of the Big 5 animals of Africa). We (re)discovered that children lack the virtue of patience, so April and I completed the outer edge while the others went to bed.

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