2/23/2009: Mexican Food Night Improvements

April has been working diligently to get the Mexican food she’s been cooking just right – tonight was no exception. The tortillas turned out pretty well – let’s say they were the #2 position. This time the shape was better but there was too much oil, so they were a little crispy.

The beans were excellent and the rice was pretty good too. Combine that with sour cream, jalapenos, and pico de gallo, and one might think that we were in Texas!

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  1. As I stood in line for “taco Tuesday” yesterday and watched the taco machine on the other side of the window spit out a fluffy soft taco every second or two – I thought of you guys and that you’d probably love to have a mini-version of that machine. Have you in our thoughts and prayers constantly and hope you haven’t forgotten us in all the excitement every day seems to hold for you guys! Hard to imagine you’re 1/2 way (or more) around the world from us – isn’t technology great??? Holding your spot in the Adult CCE classes – you’ll have to play catch up when you get back – of course, you are so far ahead of me at this point – you’ll get back months from now and will be right where I am!!! Love and hugs to all~

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