2/27/2009: Pretty Much Healed

I am “four eyes” no longer! I must keep my eyes moistened with drops throughout the day but my vision is getting more and more clear. It still fluctuates a little bit, which will clear up as time goes on. As it stands right now, I have non-prescription contact “bandage” lenses in, which will come out Monday. I think they’re probably the main source of the cloudy vision at the moment.

5 responses to “2/27/2009: Pretty Much Healed”

  1. Huh! Well, praise the Lord! I don’t guess I knew you were gonna do the Lasik thing. Whew! Good thing. I’d have fretted a bit, I s’pect. (Then again, I guess the nation that hosted the first heart transplant can be trusted to do eye surgery, eh?)

    You and your vision are in our prayers… along with requests for the intercession of Saint Augustine, patron of sore eyes (and brewers).

  2. This ain’t a comment. The comment up above, that’s a comment. This here? This is a test. For some reason, the site decided to use an Ynez Taylor account. Huh? I’m checking to see if that’s still the case (after I canceled the account).

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