2/28/2009: Market, Mall, and Meat

Today started out as most of our Saturdays have – I made pancakes. I again made my “hybrid model” (loose batter with milk and two eggs rather than water and one egg) and they were my best yet, I must say. They tasted good even with no syrup (chalk that up to the cinnamon and sugar)! Sarah was ready to eat – she dragged her chair towards us to let us know:

April fixin’ up the kids’ pancakes:

I went to our room to get dressed, and this little bugger was taking a nap in my jeans. This is a baby one (the word in Zulu is “bomani”), only about 2.5 inches long at its body:
We first went to the Irene Village Market so April could shop and the kids could ride a camel:
“Look mom!”
Kids eating some “wunch”:

We then went to the Centurion Mall to Checkers Hyper to get groceries, and will never, ever, ever again go shopping on a Saturday. Think Black Friday After-Thanksgiving sale type crowds.

I didn’t take any pictures because I was so stressed out. 🙂

After shopping, we went to our weekly out-to-eat meal at Godfather’s (which turned out to be less Italian and more American Steakhouse, with Jalapeno Poppers and Ribs – I think Mary ate one rib):

Jalapeno Poppers (actually weren’t bad):

My “Ribs and Prawns” combo. That’s a half rack of ribs! Yikes!

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