2/8/2009: Easy, like Sunday Morning

We went to mass again at Maria Regina in Lyttelton Manor this morning. The priest is leaving at the end of Feb, which kind of puts a wrench in my plan of getting spiritual advisement from him. Hopefully the new guy will be open to that. Anyway, I digress. Here are the kids in the courtyard of the parish:

Sundays here are pretty laid back. Since we don’t have any family in the area (or for 10k miles in fact), we spend time with our own little family. Today after mass I took everyone to Wimpy’s, a burger joint that is ubiquitous throughout the area. There are actually two located in the Centurion Mall, the mall we drove to in order to purchase a rolling pin and a couple of skirts for April. Here are pics of the kids at Wimpy’s:

4 responses to “2/8/2009: Easy, like Sunday Morning”

  1. I guess you know that J. Wellington Wimpy was a burger-inhaling character in Popeye cartoons? I’m ready for a Wimpy’s to open in Slaton so we can “Enjoy Every Moment,” too.

  2. Yes I know Wimpy was a burger-inhaling character in Popeye. Wimpy’s also has Dagwood sandwiches – yes, the sandwich with a fried egg therein! Wimpy’s would go over quite well in Slaton, methinks, although I hear McDonald’s has caused quite a stir amoung the local, horse-riding types.

    Miss Bee – I will definitely start taking pictures of all these malls at which we shop!

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