3/10/2009: Gardening

Lately the kids have taken to the sandbox like fish to water – they stay in it for hours. Since it is getting cooler, the pool is less inviting, so they have found a substitute!

The time has also come to plant the garden. Philemon emptied two of those former animal bins in the back of this picture of the compost contained within to get the garden ready. April and the kids began planting all sorts of veggies, legumes, and fruits:

Sarah wanted to help but didn’t like getting her feet in the soft, loamy earth:

Philemon Matome finally will join us for dinner. I’ve found out quite a bit about him over the last two nights – he is a South Africa Cricket fanatic, was born in Northwest Territory but his family moved to the informal settlement of Thembalethu (it means “our hope”) in 1990. The settlement is east of Pretoria, about an hour and a half out. He has a son named Thoto (which means “goodwill”) and has been teaching us one or two isiZulu, isiSotho, or SiSwati words per night.

After dinner April noticed an intruder that came in through the gate:

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  1. I think that this growing season is like an August or September crop that would come up right before the winter. But again, I am only guessing and following the wise Philemon!

    The stuff behind Sarah and Philemon is actually extra slate tiles from the remodel of the house (I assume). There are slate tiles around the house for walk ways and these are just the leftovers.

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