3/13/2009: Friday fun

Our typical Friday ritual has been this: I work for several hours in the morning, then we go grocery shopping. Afterward I take the family out to eat. We’ve altered the plan over the last two weeks to allow time to shop for Philemon and Lydia and to get the food back to them before they have to leave to get in queue for taxis.

So, after working this morning, we got the kids in our massive three-seater pram and walked down to Freedom Square to do some food shopping. On the way we noticed that the Irene library was open, so we popped in, opened an account, and got some books. Sarah wanted kid’s books that were in Swahili, Xhosa, and Zulu, but we can’t read those so we didn’t get them.

We went to Freedom Village and got some food for P&L to take home then walked back to the house. We got into the truck and went to yet another shopping mall located within 10 clicks of our house – Southdowns Center. The Pick ‘n Pay here is probably my favourite one so far – very clean, not busy at all, well staffed, and well stocked with my favourite foods in the whole world:

We had skipped lunch and were starving, so I took the family to Doppio Zero for some cheap pizza. Wow, it was excellent! We got a Margherita (sauce and cheese only), a Boca Raton (chicken, onions, chilies), a Pollo (chicken, sweet chili sauce, coriander), and some hummus. Oh, and I had a couple of Peroni draughts.

We rented several DVDs to take come since we were done eating at 17h30. The kids didn’t last long (and neither did I – I took a nap during X-men 2).

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  1. Wow–what a menu! For those who don’t know, when something costs 50, it means $5 U.S. Quite a gourmet place. Oh–we need a photo of the aweso three-stroller.

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