3/15/2009: Visitors Arrive!

Today we tried to go to mass at a new church in Pretoria West. Being Africa, I got bad information about mass times from the internet, so we were late to the only mass (the site said they had two). Luckily we found out that the cathedral had an 11:00 a.m. mass, so we attended. It was sparse and they had the microphones off, but the architecture of the building was beautiful:

Just so I wouldn’t hear griping from Mike for the rest of my life, I took the Rover for a wash before I picked them up at the airport (a hand wash with interior scrub is R55 – our wash, which included a quick power wash, was R20).

We went to the Southdowns shopping mall to get some food and return rented movies – everyone seems curious about how stores look here, so here they are!

Our visitors arrived safely, and we came home to a dinner made by April of Bobotie (Mike called it Bo-burndie):

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