3/16/2009: Mission Trip Week Begins

Today started a very full week of visiting various mission sites to determine where we need to focus. Us Catholics have some things lined up for next week, but right now we are traveling with Gordon and Francis (the latter is a full-time missionary) and meeting people with whom they work.

Our first stop today was Phumzile Park, a squatter camp/informal settlement out by Rayton. The site was built on a former dump, and two missionaries, Diane and Lawrence, felt called to start a community center/day care for the children of the squatters. They minister in any way necessary however, as these folks are in pretty dire straits. There are a ton of pictures, so this is the best way to view them:



After Phumizle Park we drove out to a lodge area to meet a fella who volunteers for Mission Aviation Flights. They fly groups and supplies into areas that take days to reach by road, and are typically only accessible by 4×4.


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