4/13/2009: Easter BBQ!

This morning we were all exhausted, so we eased in to a nice breakfast, in preparation for our Easter festivities.

The adults hid Easter eggs and little treats and the kids went on a hunt, which culminated with their receiving Easter baskets…er, paper plates. 😀

What better way to spend a BBQ but with beer, balderdash, and built-by-yourself-fire-pit?

Ekki led the invocation, this time in German (I’d been leading them all in English and poor, unpracticed German at times).

The last image of our vacation with the Germans. Ekki with a beautiful Blou-Bull steak! I’m getting choked up just thinking about it…

One response to “4/13/2009: Easter BBQ!”

  1. I love the Easter plates! What creativity, what restraint…what lack of time? But really, it would be mighty hard to pack baskets….

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