4/25/2009: Struggling to Catch Up!

OK, I admit it – I’ve been working solid for the last two weeks and the blog has suffered as a result. Basically I’m trying to finish up all the work I’m to do here in South Africa, get it certified, etc., etc., so that we can move back to Texas in less than FOUR MONTHS! Oh my goodness, how time has flown by!

Today we did our second and fourth Saturday of the month ritual – went to the Irene Village Market. People tell us it’s a tourist trap, but we don’t care. Stuff there is comparatively priced to the malls, but most of all, the kids get to ride a camel and, more importantly, walk for two hours, which wears them out!

I started the morning out by making my now world-famous pancakes:

April was getting all dudetted-up for the day, and making me some coffee/chicory!

The kids love to play in the play area – this Market is a gift from heaven!

I still look stupid in hats. Say ‘hi’ to me and my chins (thanks dad, for those wonderful genes – love ya anyway!)…

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