4/29/2009: Sarah Eats With a Fork (and wine)

Sarah has decided that she wants to now eat with a fork, like her brothers and sister do. She’s gotten so good at it she can actually feed others!

Dinner was chicken, so I selected a Gruenburger Stein 2007 Off Dry White Wine to accompany. Not too sweet, not too dry. Very nice.

We drank the KWV Pinotage 2007 (on the left) on a different night; I liked it quite well, but April thought it was too dry for her.

I have discovered my new love (and my new quest for moderation) however. Boland Kelder Port 2006. April scrunched her nose when she tried this, for good reason. It’s port! 16.5Z% alcohol. But oh man it is good – a little sweet (on this side of dry I suppose, but not overly sweet or I wouldn’t drink it), but mainly overpowering taste – very complex and just nice to drink. I drank a couple of glasses and realized there is a reason one drinks port in moderation…

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