4/3/2009: Leaving Kruger, Rainforest, God’s Window, Home

Today the Stehfests and Behnkes went on a guided game drive that started at 5:30 a.m. Yikes. However, it was all worth it when, not five minutes’ drive from the camp, we spotted lions laying in the middle of the road. Lions are the holy grail of the Big 5 – you can drive around for a week and not see any, so we were very fortunate.

We managed to see more elephants and a very proud kudu as well:

Our tour guide was quite unfriendly, but at least we got a pic.

We took the rest of the morning very slow, as we were all quite tired. We let the kids play while we had breakfast and packed up to get back on the road to Irene.

Leaving the campground…

…we drove to God’s Window, one of the stops on the Panoramic Route. Incredible.

We then hiked up to Rainforest, which has tropical vegetation on top of a mountain.

The views were absolutely breathtaking. That is all of Kruger and part of Mozambique there.


After a long drive, we got back home quite late, so we had some light supper and called it a night!

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