5/12/2009: Mexican Night

Tonight April made some Mexcian food. Her tortilla making skills have definitely been honed – even the tortillas stuck in the fridge come out soft! We had refried beans and ground ostrich (which costs just about the same as ground beef but a whole lot less fat).

For a wine, I brought out the Fish Hoek Pinotage 2007. It is pretty inexpensive and just a real nice wine. It is tied for first with Beyerskloof and Meerkat.

That’s my salad down there – pico de gallo, meat, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. One of these days I’m going to lose some weight, dagnabit!

Sarah’s new trick is to take the bottle or pacie out of her mouth and put her hand up so as to say, “tee hee hee”. She was doing it right before I snapped this pic, of course, then dropped her head to act shy. Still cute if you ask me.

One thing we’ve noticed about (black) Africans here in SA – they dress up for everything. We really enjoy seeing both Philemon and Lydia’s clothing selection. They come to work dressed nicely, change into work clothes, then change back into their nice clothes to get on the three hour bus/taxi ride. Philemon puts on a nice sweater or jacket for dinner. We really feel honored that he takes the time to make himself ready for a meal with us.

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