5/13/2009: Mission Work Redeux

I had to go into Vodacom today, so Fraaancis (my ministry supervisor here) picked up April and the kids to go see what the result was of all the donations received by us from our email and Facebook appeal.

Here is the new coal-fired stove/heater in the creche (that’s Francis with it). This allows them to heat the building as well as cook, without the expensive expenditure of liquid propane. We just gave them the money for this stove on Saturday – here by Wednesday it was purchased and installed. Efficient!

More pics at Flickr!

Here are the children of the creche in their new clothes! They actually look warm, no?

Here are the children off the cold floor, on mattresses! The fire only engulfed one mattress completely – the others were salvaged by wrapping them in sheets (rather than having a plastic cover).

April and the kids were fed lunch there – stew, pap, potato salad.

Here is Diane cooking on the new stove. God bless these people!

More pics at Flickr!

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  1. How wonderful all the new acquisitions look! The kids are so cute…and we’re so very glad the money stretched so far–to even get a stove. God is so good…

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