5/17/2009: Still Sickie

Everyone was still sick yesterday, including Fraaaancis and Gordon, so our plans to go to the Jesus Film were shot. We stayed at home and watched movies and wallowed in our sickness (nasty by the way – lets just say the mop has gotten a workout).

Today we went to Mass, where I reflected again on the inanity of contemporary Catholic hymns. Ugh. Banal. Anyway, I digress…

We drove to the “Atterbury Value Mall” (I think that’s what it is called) so that April could go look at Craft Market (consignment craft store) to get ideas for gifts to bring back that will actually make it and not break in our luggage.

We were all famished, so first we stopped at Pizza Plus and had a Margherita pizza (tomato sauce and cheese only) and a Spicy Texan (hot dogs/viennas, jalapenos, cheese). Both were yummy, as was the homemade sweet chili sauce in the green Grolsch bottle. I think we polished them both off.

The Craft Market, where Mary couldn’t resist the mirror.

Supper? Daddy made supper since mommy wasn’t feeling well. What does daddy make for supper? Hot dogs (viennas). He helped himself to Old Dutch Master, cheddar, and Swiss cheeses however. Old Dutch Master is definitely a nibbling cheese, very rich, not real smelly or aromatic, but definitely not for non-cheese lovers…

…and he had a small glass of Landskroon Port 2007. Wow this is sweet, not really my thing. Tastes a lot like the St. Joseph’s communion wine, actually.

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  1. Wow–cannot imagine going out for pizza after going thru the stomach bug stuff you’ve encountered. If at all possible, the kids are getting cuter….and we’re missin’ them more!

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