5/7/2009: Armadillo and Baby Marrow

This evening April made the bacon-wrapped pork loin, here referred to as an “Armadillo” (see previous posts for the full view of this culinary delight). As a side, she made “baby marrow” (baby zucchini) with garlic butter. Yummy!

I selected the Meerkat Pinotage 2007, and it was delish. We ranked this up there with Beyerskloof Pinotage 2007. Very nice to drink – it tastes like wine should taste – no off notes, a little dry, not too sweet, not too sour.

Also, we provided Coca-Cola as a treat for the kids and Philemon. I think Coke must have shipped over 10 million bottles of this stuff, because every store has pallets upon pallets of Code 2 Litres sitting in the aisles and have even cleared out the season shelves so as to stock more bottles of the stuff. Sheesh.

Mary decided to wear her cheerleader outfit because Vin was wearing his football shirt.

Sarah is getting more adept with utensils, advancing now to the point of pouring oatmeal on John in the mornings.

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