6/10/2009: Chili Baby!

I have invited some guys over for some real Texas chili, so I thought I might want to do a test run since I don’t have all the necessary ingredients (for example, chili powder). Since I was making if for the wife and kids, I used the beans April cooked the night before for Mexican food night and added them to a kilo of beef mince. Cumin, garlic salt, white and black pepper, tomato sauce, tomato paste, a little water, and about 45 minutes produced what smelled and tasted like real Texas chili (plus beans)!

April got on the internet and found a cornbread recipe. Since we don’t have corn flour, she used the mealie meal that everyone uses to make pap. It was absolutely fantastic corn bread!

Mary wanted a picture of this particular scene from the Little Mermaid (I think). Why? I have no clue.

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