6/11/2009: Shoes for Mommy and Daddy

The Sketcher shoes that I bought shortly after arriving here in South Africa have completely disintegrated. The rubber nuggets on the soles are all gone, so I have been looking for shoes. The problem is that the shoes here are incredibly expensive, even more so than in the U.S. The Sketchers I purchased were over $60 at the time, for Made In China crap.

Anyway, we’ve been looking for a good brand of shoes, and found Green Cross, a brand based out of Cape Town. Since they are South African but Made In China, I figured we’d give them a chance, to see if quality control means anything. April and I both got a pair, so far we’re very happy with the craftsmanship. We’ll see what they look like in a few months.

In any case, whilst shoe shopping, I caught Vincent in front of one of the mirrors:

Behnkes are plagued by plumber’s crack!

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