6/15/2009: Mail and Poor Sarah

Here is what happens when you folks mail us stuff – this envelope is not too worse for the wear, although it took quite a while to arrive. Seems the Post doesn’t bother to notify us of our packages for a week or so – I had to pick up three when I went today.

Big story today is Sarah’s mishaps. The kids were all playing in the playhouse out front and John decided to leave the responsibility of Sarah to Vin and Mary. They were responsible enough to tell us that Sarah fell down the stairs, about 1.5 meters high (five or six feet). Mary said she jumped down them or something like that. She broke her fall with her face and neck:

After this little incident, she was playing with a broken closet door in the boy’s room and it came down on top of her, blackening her eye. Thank God she is nothing more than battered and bruised!

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