6/18/2009: Cute and Hurt Children

It seems that John wasn’t content to have Sarah as the only injured child, so he put a blanket over his head and walked around my office, until he slipped and busted his skull on the corner of my desk. He was quite upset when he realized half his head and face was covered with blood – typical of head wounds. April put him in the bathtub to wash off the blood, and here she is showing the nice golf-ball sized bump that arose.

Vin wasn’t all that excited about the whole thing.

Blurry but still cute!

We ventured away from the exclusivity of Pinotage wines and tried Raka “Spliced”. It was excellent, and I might yet be able to get April to drink red wine blends!

Here is Sarah’s bruised face from falling down the stairs in the playhouse then having a door fall on her head.

I gave these candies to Philemon ultimately because no one liked them but me. During Apartheid they used a racial slur in the name rather than calling them “black”. Really.

Here is Mary relaxing in the tub. Using a flotation device cracks me up.

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