6/21/2009: Father’s Day

Somehow I ended up with no pictures of our little vacation weekend to Rustenburg on my phone – I will have to post some pics off the main camera when I get a chance. In the meantime, it seems I only have food pics. This is the breakfast we were served at the B&B Cozy Nook, the place we stayed in Rustenburg:

Cozy, no?

For my special Father’s Day meal I chose Cape Town Fish Market (or something like that). I ordered a 20 piece sushi variety meal. It tastes just like sushi in the States! That’s a mojito next to the plate, and it was delish.

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  1. Yup–you’re just like your father–NOT! The day I see him eating/ordering sushi is the day I’ll……hmmm cannot even think of that eventuality.

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