6/30/2009: Downhill Coast

Not much happening lately – today we are exactly seven weeks away from leaving South Africa for Deutschland. My company is working on revitalising a product we haven’t sold in several years, so I’ve been focused on doing that mainly. In the meantime, about the only things about which I have to speak are drinking wine and having cute children. Hence this post!

The kids have PB&J or PB&C (chocolate – Nutella) most days for lunch, plus some chippies/crisps/chips. On the PB&C days, they make quite a display of having an enormous mess while and after eating. Sarah loves to pull the sandwich apart and just lick off the peanut butter and chocolate:

Here is a gift that was supposed to be drunk on Texas chili day but made it through without being a casulty, as most people brought their own dop (adult beverages). It is a 1.5L bottle of Kanonkop (cannon hill) Paul Sauer 2005. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 70%, Cabernet Franc 15%, and Merlot 15%. It’s supposed to be aged around four years minimum, so I got it at the perfect time. Let me just tell you, this wine was fantastic. Dry red wine with a nice strong aroma. April didn’t care much for it (too strong and heady), so I drank every last drop, which I do NOT recommend doing in one night. Oops.

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