6/3/2009: Food and Sweet Rides

Well I started the morning off with what has become my infamous omelette. Mince (beef), tomato chutney, and cheese!

The family at the breakfast table!

Gareth came over to show me his almost finished car, a Ford Capri…

…which was built as a narrow Ford Mustang in Britian originally. It proved very successful so they brought it to South Africa.

For dinner we drank on a bottle of Old Block Pinotage 2002. It tasted to me like it had aged a little to long and was somewhat bitter.

Here is an interesting thing – each chicken breast is wrapped individually in a plastic sheet, then they are all stacked in a tray which is then covered again with plastic. April figures they just mass wrap the breasts; still an interesting practice.

Our supper – chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, thick and hearty bread, and salad.

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