6/7/2009: Shoe Sunday

After mass we decided to head over to Menlyn Park Mall to do some shoe shopping for Mary and Sarah. They have either grown out of their shoes or torn them up so badly something had to be done.

First we ate at Mugg & Bean, a restaurant which has lots of pictures of SanFran pasted on the walls. Don’t know if it originated there or not.

Cute kid pics:

Here Mary is showing us her new $8 boots. She has already torn them up as of this writing (17th of June).

Everything has a Texas flavour here!

We actually had dessert for the kids this evening. The ice cream here is more like frozen whipped cream – very airy and melts quickly. April doesn’t like it – I think it’s OK.

Sarah bit off the end of a marker after supper. Hulkette!

The kids were very worn out from the festivities of the day!

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