7/12/2009: Mass and Menlyn

Following schedule, we hit up Menlyn Park Mall after mass today to see into what kind of trouble we could get. Wandering around, we came across Dee Dee (?) from Ben 10. Seems Cartoon Network was on site giving out pens and doing appearances. Nifty – the kids really liked it.

We then went to the playground, where they have installed new equipment and have therefore doubled the entrance price to R20 per kid. That’s expensive when you have as many children as April and I, when you’re just talking about kids running around on a playground!

I snapped this pic for the benefit of all of you who have heard that Mary considers herself quite the princess. Notice how she’s not doing the work?

This poor girl carted Mary all over the playground for about 10 minutes or so.

The kids were pretending that they were “flying to Texas”. I figured everyone would be happy to hear that! Notice how Vin brought along his blue scooter?

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