7/13/2009: Black Out, Mexican Night, and New Friend

Our power went out today around 3:30 p.m., so I had to reserve the power on my phone and only took one photo. We managed to get no pics with the other camera either, as all the batteries were dead and we had no way to charge them.

It seems a substation went down and when the power came back on 30 minutes later, a line was fried here in Irene. It took them almost two days to restore power to our little area of Irene – most of the other houses had power immediately. Bummer.

Anyway, since it was early enough to prepare, I went and bought candles at Freedom Market and a canister of propane (LP) at a garage (gas station) so that we could cook. Our cooktop is electric but there is also a gas cooktop and oven.

So, we closed all the doors in the kitchen to keep the heat in, turned on the gas stove, and cooked up our Mexican food. A colleagure of a guy with whom I went to high school came over and was just pleasant as could be. Adventuresome too, as I informed her that we had no power!

Since we have no heat and it was around freezing that night, we made a bonfire out front. This is the only photo I took the entire night – notice my Boy Scout style fire making? Pyramid/tipi baby! It was a great night all in all, even with no power!

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