7/23/2009: Beef Olives??

We were shopping at Pick ‘n Pay at the Doringkloof mall today and came across some interesting items – beef olives. Seems most colonial countries have them, but we’d never heard of such things. It is basically a thin steak pounded down even thinner with a stuffing of rice, bread, more meat, and spices. It tasted remarkable similar to my mom’s stuffed cabbage, but wrapped with meat rather than cabbage leaves! We might have to try this when we get back.

Oh, and they have nothing to do with olives other than olives are stuffed as well. Crazy. April whipped up a brown gravy sauce and we baked them in the oven after braising them in the broiler. Add a side of olive oil and herb pasta and voila!

We picked up some snacks for desserts as well – this is a bag of Juicy Twists – orange flavoured Twizzler looking things. I took one bite and decided they were nasty, so I flipped it over and read the back. First ingredient – corn syrup. A little farther down? Made in USA. Corn syrup in everything makes me very annoyed.

That is one thing that I will definitely miss about being outside the US – things are actually made with sugar and will make you sick if you eat too much, unlike US candy. Ugh.

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